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Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) is a soft tissue bodywork therapy designed to release muscles and fascia. It is a safe, gentle bodywork methodology for all ages with no major contraindications, rendering the technique useful for a wide range of conditions from acute through to chronic pains.

NST is an updated version of the work developed by Australian Tom Bowen who many considered an osteopathic genius. He left an incredible legacy of success in treating thousands of patients each and every year.

Mr. Bowen’s therapy was based on his theory that the body will auto-regulate itself if it can be gently coaxed do so. And his results speak for themselves.

Véronique is Hobart’s leading practitioner of NST and has treated many local families as well as visiting clients from right across the continent.

When you need a gentle touch.

Unlike chiropractic or deep massage modalities, NST is done in a very gentle osteopathic manner working on muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves giving an experience of deep relaxation. Most people wonder whether it is actually doing anything. But relief is frequently attained after the first session. However, deep-seated issues and longer-term resolution usually require a few treatments.

Following a treatment you may experience body aches moving from one location to another, some sweating, emotional release, but above all a deep sense of relaxation and change taking place.

Using fingers or thumbs, the object of the move is to roll over designated points for the purpose of creating sedation or stimulation. “Opening and closing energetic channels and pathways” to hold, redirect or release the congested subtle energies of the body.

People of all ages have benefited from NST treatments including the rapidly changing bodies of teenagers.

Where NST treatments can help:

  • Spinal, cranial conditions
  • Neck conditions including whiplash
  • Back conditions including pelvic, lumbar and thoracic
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions
  • Leg, knee, ankle and foot conditions
  • Asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Arthritis and joint conditions
  • Menstrual, fertility and menopausal conditions
  • Accident and sporting injuries
  • Acute and chronic fatigue
  • Stress conditions and emotional depression

My NST Testimonials

“I was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. The pain was acute on the left hand side of my face, headache, sinus and behind my left eye. At its worst the pain was all consuming. My left hand side nostril would stream and my left eye became bloodshot. Walking seemed to help. From the onset of an ‘Episode’ I took a painkiller but it got to the stage where it would take the best part of an hour to settle down. Nothing specially triggered the pain but I attributed it to hard work in the garden and other physical activity.

It got to an unbearable stage, I had an appointment with my GP but had to get help before I could see him. By chance I rang Verionique. She was close by and able to see me. I had not heard of the Bowen Technique but willing to try anything, I was desperate.

After the first treatment I felt different. The left hand side of my face felt fuller. It didn’t look any different, but felt as if there was a change. By the time I got to the GP the symptoms has all but disappeared. However, they did return actually during my second appointment with Verionique.

There after, I felt the symptoms had gone and almost as if I had imagined them. I attribute this to the Bowen Method and the work by Veronique.

Two months later I have just the beginners of some pain; a vague headache, almost toothache and a blocked nose – on the left hand side of my face. I have gone straight back to Verionique!

The Bowen Therapy has worked for me. The alternative is a dose of medication that usually treats seizures and a 7 month wait to see a specialist. I am happy to continue the Bowen Therapy treatment. Obviously it will be ongoing and I will take further advice.”


“I was wary about my forthcoming long walk around the south west coast of England, after experiencing extreme sciatic pain 18 months ago whilst walking 300+ kms across England. So, on recommendation from friends, I decided to try Bowen Therapy, although I had no idea of what it encompassed.

I have returned and am pleased to say that after walking 200+kms around the coast of England I have not had a twinge of sciatica.

So, on the sciatic side of things, I am completely satisfied with the Bowen Therapy treatment given to me by Veronique. However, there have been added bonuses, which were not even anticipated. During treatment, Veronique has somehow made my legs the same length (I’ve always been aware of one being shorter than the other); she has given me more flexibility in my neck movement and manipulated my jaw so that my teeth actually meet, something I’ve not been able to do for many years. There are other little things that crop up as the therapy goes on.

My friends have had other things that have been sorted out by Bowen Therapy, I now join them in recommending the treatment.”


“I take pleasure in recommending Veronique Tabor as a Naturopath. With her Bowen Therapy I have regained more mobility in my joints and find her massage relaxing and of benefit to my muscles.

My treatment has been given in a happy and enjoyable atmosphere by Veronique and her expert advise is very helpful.”


“I am passionate about improving wellbeing within the community, and have a wide range of experience and expertise in the application of alternative therapies and remedies.”


With Véronique Tabor, Naturopath, you have come to the right place.

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