Naturopathy treats a wide range of ailments with the use of natural remedies.

Your first Naturopathic consultation can take up one hour or more and will cover your personal lifestyle, specific symptoms, medical history and diet. An appropriate treatment is then designed to suit your needs and treat the cause of your problem – rather than mask it. The treatment may consist of herbal medicines, homoeopathic remedies dietary advice & supplements such as vitamins or minerals.

During your initial time with Véronique you can anticipate between 2-4 scheduled naturopathic appointments to get your issue properly addressed. After that, it is on an as needed basis.

The common sexual health problems that busy modern women experience such as irregular periods, menstrual cramps, depression, lack of sex drive, menopausal disorders, inability to conceive are symptoms of imbalances. Often it takes nothing more than “good living practices” to remedy them. Proper nutrition, adequate rest, tonic herbs, exercise are my primary prescriptions for radiant health and vitality.

Your eyes tell all.

Véronique regularly uses iridology in her initial consultation. She is a fully qualified practitioner.

The science of iridology is based on the analysis of the iris. It is a method whereby the practitioner can tell from markings or signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various organs and systems of the body. It is a simple, painless, economical and non-invasive way of looking into the body. Iridology offers a unique perspective to the concept and practice of preventive medicine.

Iridology in its basic philosophy, stresses the treatment of the patient, not the disease. By identifying the underlying imbalances in the body that produces symptoms, it is an invaluable asset in the formulation of remedial therapies. A picture of both irises will be taken during a consultation.

“I am passionate about improving wellbeing within the community, and have a wide range of experience and expertise in the application of alternative therapies and remedies.”


With Véronique Tabor, Naturopath, you have come to the right place.

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