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Naturopathy treats a wide range of ailments with the use of natural remedies. Your first Naturopathic consultation can take up one hour or more and will cover your personal lifestyle, specific symptoms, medical history and diet. An appropriate treatment is then designed to suit your needs and treat the cause of your problem – rather than mask it. The treatment may consist of herbal medicines, homoeopathic remedies dietary advice & supplements such as vitamins or minerals.

During your initial time with Véronique you can anticipate between 2-4 scheduled naturopathic appointments to get your issue properly addressed. After that, it is on an as needed basis.

The common sexual health problems that busy modern women experience such as irregular periods, menstrual cramps, depression, lack of sex drive, menopausal disorders, inability to conceive are symptoms of imbalances. Often it takes nothing more than “good living practices” to remedy them. Proper nutrition, adequate rest, tonic herbs, exercise are my primary prescriptions for radiant health and vitality.

Your eyes tell all.

Véronique regularly uses iridology in her initial consultation. She is a fully qualified practitioner.

The science of iridology is based on the analysis of the iris. It is a method whereby the practitioner can tell from markings or signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various organs and systems of the body. It is a simple, painless, economical and non-invasive way of looking into the body. Iridology offers a unique perspective to the concept and practice of preventive medicine.

Iridology in its basic philosophy, stresses the treatment of the patient, not the disease. By identifying the underlying imbalances in the body that produces symptoms, it is an invaluable asset in the formulation of remedial therapies. A picture of both irises will be taken during a consultation.


Welcome to the world of Biocompatability Testing

What drives allergy is a compromised immune system.  A compromised immune system means that there must be a problem with the function of immune system cells.  Compromised immune system cells can also result in a myriad of reactions resulting in inflammation and poor organ function.

Bio-comptability testing is aimed at a level much lower that allergy/symptom level.

We use Biocompatibility testing to assess which foods and household items suit the individual.  As you are aware, we are all unique and ‘one’ persons food is another person’s poison’.  Dennis Hodges ND  Founder of Naturopathic Services.

Following this program enhances the effectiveness of other therapies with minimal change.  It is a 6 month plan but many clients experience between 60%-80% improvement of symptoms in the first 4 weeks simply by adjusting their diets.  50% improvement in things like arthritis, IBS etc is massive for sufferers.  Imgine the relief when we take them through the full programme and achieve much more than that, even total remission.

We have found this type of testing very suitable for young children, babies, older people who are on an extensive list of pharmaceuticals and you are concerned about prescribing supplements due to interactions.  people who may have difficulty explaining what their symptoms are can benefit, and in fact most people will benefit from this testing and program.

Some people with the same symptoms respond best to different products.

Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin conditions can have their cause in underlying food intolerances.  It is difficult to guess which foods might be causing the problem, and many people try to eliminate certain foods, only to find the problem is unresolved.

At Naturopath Véronique Tabor, we have this new test that uses a small hair sample to test for over 500 foods and household items.  It also tests for specific brands, advising exactly what can and can’t be eaten.  It is a non-intrusive test-there are no blood tests or scratch tests needed.  

The hair sample is sent to the lab, and the report that is sent back indicates in red which items are not compatible.  NO MORE GUESSING!

These items are then removed for 6 months, at which time a re-test is recommended to see if foods can be slowly reintroduced.  

If the test is used for a baby, the list of tested items is expanded to include nappies, baby creams and lotions, baby food, and other baby products.  

This hair test for 500+ items can be ordered directly from my website/food-compatibility-testing

You can order the test without a consultation if required, however a consultation is recommended for optimum results.

The hair test for 500+ items may also provide relief for irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, headaches and migraines, sinus and hay fever, asthma, bloating, and behaviour issues.

Contact Véronique for more information on the BIOCOMPATIBILY TEST and prices