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A naturopathic approach to health care has been around for a long time – long before today’s pharmaceutical dominated medicine. It is truly the natural, “traditional’ way that your grandmother probably practiced on your mother.

Today, more and more women and their families are looking for a more natural balance in their lives and their bodies. Without drugs. And with specific recommendations that address their medical history and lifestyle. They want a better, more natural way to good health.

With Véronique Tabor, Naturopath, you have come to the right place.


But how can naturopathy help me?

That all depends on you. Everyone is different and every life has been shaped differently from birth. Where you have lived and how you have lived your life play a big role in Véronique’s assessment of what is needed to put balance back in your life.

So much of it is common sense.

It takes a great listener to really help people. Someone who will actually devote serious time and thought to your personal health – before the subscribing a treatment – and without being interrupted by the room full of patients demanding time in the waiting room.

To get an idea of how everything starts with Véronique visit her Your First Visit page. 

Many treatments are covered by your medical insurance.

Years ago, the health insurance industry regarded alternative medicine as quackery. Not so anymore. Slowly but surely, as the positive results have come in, health insurance providers are covering alternative therapies. Why is that? Because they work. And they often help get patients off expensive pharmaceuticals. Which ultimately leads to lower health costs – and natural solutions.

Check with your health insurance provider to see if you are covered before visiting with Véronique.